by syaffolee

Nuttier Than Pistachios

I stepped out of class this afternoon to find that a huge crowd had gathered on the Commons. People were holding signs that read, “Fear God!” I passed them, long enough to hear a old guy rant, “It doesn’t matter if you do good works your entire life! If you don’t believe in God, you’ll be eternally damned!”

What a bunch of crock. Religious zealots are always trying to convert people, be they saints or criminals. It doesn’t matter if you killed a bunch of people. If you convert, you’ll be saved. If you single-handedly created world peace and eliminated world hunger, but you don’t believe in their God, you’d be damned.

Why are people so obsessed with the afterlife, if indeed there is one? We’re living life now, and on a practical standpoint, I find it a freakin’ waste of time to worry about where souls go after brain activity flat-lines when there are more pressing problems in the world.