by syaffolee

The Thursday Threesome: Clean Air Act

Onesome: Clean– as a whistle? Can you whistle? When did you learn? …and with pursed lips or with that finger thing?

I can whistle. I taught myself around the age of nine or ten. However, I do not know how to do the finger thing.

Twosome: Air– quality: an issue where you live or not? …enough to move?

It’s only bad when there is a wild fire nearby. Then it can get worse than L.A. You can smell the smoke even when you’re inside a building. See the smoke. The nearby hills/mountains are virtually invisible. Otherwise, it’s fine.

Threesome: Act– Hey, do you ‘act your age’? Sure, that’s subjective, but what do you think? …or better yet: what do your friends think?

Er, I don’t know. I’m a rather reserved person so I suppose it would be difficult for most people to tell. How are you supposed to act like when you’re twenty-five? People say that they’ve been pretty angsty at that age since they were having their “quarter life crisis.” But I don’t do angsty.