by syaffolee

More Blog Stuff

Speaking of the Technorati Top 100… John Scalzi points out that very few of the popular blogs, according to Technorati, are personal blogs. The blog world, he says, is becoming ever more corporate and political and he laments the apparent imminent demise of personal blogs. Well, Technorati is not a very good resource to go to when trying to find blogs that people are actually reading. All it tracks are links. I suspect that there are probably more people reading personal blogs than political blogs but the readership is split between thousands of personal blogs rather than just a handful of political blogs.

Blogmatcher, Blogmatcher. Neil Kramer fixes up bloggers with other bloggers they’ve never read before in a yenta-like fashion. I am somewhat skeptical with all the glowing endorsements in the comments. I figure people are more excited about getting matched in the first place than in any new blogs they are being introduced to.

The strong, silent types. A commenter over at Dustbury says he will stop visiting his site if it starts getting a lot of comments. Stop visiting a site when it becomes popular? Hm. I’d say it depends. If the blogger’s style changes with the increase in visitors, I’d say yes, I’d probably stop reading too. Otherwise, I can’t really see myself being influenced by what other people choose to read. I personally do not comment very often on other people’s blogs because I do not feel like the blogger will pay any attention to what I have to say. (Well, most of my visitors never pay any attention to what I write in here–zero seconds spent on one page view, anyone?–but it’s a different matter when I’m just scribbling on my own web space.)