by syaffolee

The Thursday Threesome: Up too Late!

Onesome: Up– to no good? Are you the Halloween prankster sort of person? …or do you just avoid that kind of thing?


Twosome: too– many toppings! …or not? What goes on top of your ice cream or frozen treat? I mean, chocolate may be a given for some people, but…

Er, nothing? It’s too cold for ice cream.

Threesome: Late– sunrises are here with the changing seasons (except for those Down Under ); are you finding it harder to get up and get moving in the morning?

It only depends on how much sleep I get. Today, I was up way before the sun came up. But that’s only because the only sleep I got last night was a light two and a half hour doze.

* * *
A random observation:

Dang it, why me? My neighbors are arguing all the time now. It would have been bad enough if it were just a couple bickering back and forth–as couples tend to do. Nope. It’s worse. Two guys are arguing and this can get quite loud. Sometimes I wish my other neighbor and his band cronies would practice in the evening to drown them out.