by syaffolee

The Thursday Threesome: Payin’ the bills

Onesome: Payin’– Hey, ‘they’ tell us fuel prices are down! What are you payin’ this week for a gallon of gas?

Sure. And I’m Mickey Mouse. This week, it’s $2.57.

Twosome: the– heck you say! There’s an election coming up here in the US; do you plan to vote? No, no need for your soapbox. …unless you want to.

No, because I can’t vote. There’s this requirement, you see, about being a United States citizen.

Threesome: Bills– Which bill(s) do you absolutely dislike paying? …and by that I mean the one you “have to-have to” but wish you didn’t have to. Tuition/books? Power? The newspaper?

The phone bill. Because I never use the phone.