by syaffolee

I’m Alive

Okay, so people who’ve been checking up on my other weblog aren’t worrying, but dang, it’s been a while since I’ve updated this one. I swear I’m going to do some more interesting posts–I’ve been planning a brief book review and some comments on an interesting Nature paper.

As for real life, there was a very interesting rant from a prof in one of my classes–“You need to spend many, many hours studying each lecture! If you say you only need to study for half an hour, you’re either lying or you’re too smart for this class!” Yeah, that was a not so subtle warning about the difficulty of the next exam two weeks from now, but I’ve already started studying yesterday before he gave that rant. (And I currently have an A in the class so I’m pretty sure he wasn’t ranting at me…)

* * *
The Thursday Threesome: “Sasquatch” and “Haunted Homeland”

Onesome: Sasquatch– Big Foot? Yeti? “Harry and the Hendersons”? Maybe? No way? Sure, we have the entire family over for dinner every Thanksgiving? Whaddaya’ think?

Er, extremely unlikely.

Twosome: and Haunted– It’s All Hallow’s Eve next week; are you haunted by little creatures in your neighborhood extorting goodies from you? …and do you do your part to provide an entertaining experience for them? …or do you lock the doors, kill the lights and hide from the horde?

Little creatures? Who cares about the small kiddies when there are crazy college students around? I’m hiding.

Threesome: Homeland– ghosts and spectres: do you have any local stories of ‘haunted’ places. …or are there roads you grandmother told you to never travel alone, especially when the moon is full? Just askin’…

Sorry, no.