by syaffolee

The Thursday Threesome: A Day in the Rain

Onesome: A Day–or so ago? Oops, wrong meme. Wait, that might be cool… “A Day or So Ago, I saw…….” You fill it in!

…a girl in high heels breeze past me while I was walking up a fairly steep hill in hiking boots. The world’s not fair, I tell you. I bet her feet don’t hurt either.

Twosome: in– case of rain, do you carry an umbrella? …or do you just hoof it in a hat?

I always carry an umbrella. I’ve also started wearing a hat because it’s been getting cold.

Threesome: the Rain– in Spain? Nah, how about locally: has the rainy season kicked in for you yet? Snow? Nothing? Come on, it’s almost Thanksgiving here in the States!

Yes, there is rain.