by syaffolee

I Could Get Up On A Soapbox

The Eater of Books. (via Monkeyfilter) SEM images of silverfish, the bane of book lovers everywhere.

The corporate wives’ club. This is so weird and out of my ken that I almost don’t know what to say. Maybe it’ll be better all around if those high-powered men married robots.

Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans. Hey, I’ve never noticed this one before. There are some fairly thought-provoking articles (enough so that it makes me want to yell at the computer screen) like the lack of strong female characters on TV and the debate about whether sci-fi is a “male” genre and fantasy a “female” genre. And sexual harassment at science fiction conventions. Ooo, now I want to crack some heads…

Tangled Bank #67. It’s the latest edition over at Newton’s Binomium. Go, read some science! I know you want to.