by syaffolee

Lots O’ Rain

Yeah, it’s been raining quite a bit for the past few days. Which is fine with me. I’d rather be driving in drizzle than fish-tailing around on ice. It’s been somewhat stressful the past few days, too. And I don’t just mean exams. All I can say is that there are certain things in life that are completely out of an individual’s control. I’m not sure I would want to wish my depressing and checkered experiences on even my worst enemy.

Oh, and about those short stories. Of course I sent them out to the next market as soon as I got them back. I don’t give up very easily.

* * *
The Thursday Threesome: Holly Jolly Christmas

Onesome: Holly– Hmmm… Do you have holly where you are? Is it used for decorating? …and if not, what types of greenery are used to show off the season? Inquiring minds and all that…

I have no idea. Here, everyone is talking about pulverized tumbleweeds, 80 mph winds, overturned tractor trailers, and wibbling sign posts. There are pine trees around though. Do those count?

Twosome: Jolly– Jolly Elf or The Grinch? How is your Christmas experience going so far?

Er, is there something in between? I’ve been somewhat oblivious to all the Christmas-y things lately. It’s not that I dislike the holiday or anything. I just find that there are some things that are a bit more important for worrying about.

Threesome: Christmas– Hey, I miss ol’ Burl Ives singing the song in this header: who does your favorite Christmas song? …and which song is that? Yes, yes, you’re allowed more than one…

I’ve avoided the radio station which is playing non-stop Christmas music. I don’t own any Christmas music. I don’t plan on buying any Christmas music. But that said, I don’t hate Christmas songs either. There should be moderation in everything and when I do listen to Christmas songs, there should be a mix. I can’t stand songs (any songs) on infinite looping.

(However, I must say that I completely cracked up when I heard a parody of Winter Wonderland about cross-dressing. Does anyone know who did that song? Maybe Weird Al?)