by syaffolee

Links and a Meme

December Animalcules. Check out this microbiology-themed carnival over at Aetiology.

Tangled Bank #69. It’s the War on Christmas Edition. But don’t worry, the posts listed in this carnival are all about science, not holiday bashing. I just think the host is not so subtly hinting that he wants a vacation in the tropics.

What’s Noka Worth? Excellent take down of some very high priced chocolate. Of course, this won’t stop people from buying it just to show off how much money they’re willing to throw away.

* * *
The Thursday Threesome: Plenty of time

Onesome: Plenty– of time, take a deep breath. Overnight/Saturday delivery could work for you… So could a trip a few hundred miles away if you’re into shopping on Sunday! How are you doing? Do you have it together?

I have things together as much as they can be.

Twosome: of– all the states, I’m hearing the worst reports from Ohio! It has no snow! No snow, no Christmas! What’s to be done? Is it looking like the normal Christmas weather there for you?

It’s typical weather where I’m at. Which means no snow. And I totally do not agree that Christmas must have snow. If you need snow to have Christmas, your priorities are screwed up.

Threesome: Time–Time? Good grief, the 24th is days away, and most men haven’t even awakened a sense of urgency as yet. Is anyone done, finished, wrapped and resting?

Er, no. And I think all this shopping and blatant conspicuous consumption is idiotic. I’m going to go bake a cake.

Yes, I’m cranky.