by syaffolee

And the Apple Lovers Will Riot

Now that I’m unwittingly in possession of an iPod*, I’d have to say that I’m not impressed. It’s a lot like other portable mp3 players out there and in some ways, it’s not exactly user friendly either.

I think the popularity of the iPod is due more to branding than anyone embracing “geeky hipness” (if such a thing was possible). iPods and Wiis are to the eternally wired as Prada and Jimmy Choos are to fashionistas. Symbols of “coolness” and conspicuous consumption. One could ask, will my quality of life be improved any by this gadget? And I’d answer, “No.”

A few sheets of blank paper are far more useful.

*Actually, it’s the rather miniscule iPod shuffle. Someone might as well implant a suspicious looking black box in my ear canal.