by syaffolee

The Thursday Threesome: Strange Little Bud

Onesome: Strange– twists and turns on the web? Do you recall how you ended up here at the Back Porch? …just curious.

I probably found this on someone else’s blog. I was surfing for another meme to do because a similar meme I had been doing had died out.

Twosome: Little– by little we branch out and bloom. How often do you post per week? Is that more or less than six months ago?

I aim for posting once a day, but all I can guarantee right now is posting a couple times a week.

Threesome: Bud– break time is coming later this year. …but are the bulbs in your area pushing up through the soil yet?

It just snowed a couple inches yesterday so if any bulbs are pushing up, it’s way too early. Ask again in May. Although I did see some young women wearing skin tight clothing (and no coats) strutting around outside when it was below freezing. And no, I don’t get it either.