by syaffolee

Half A Gamut

Dang it, this always happens. Whenever I say I’m too busy to post, I post anyway. But it’s Friday and I’m carving out a little chunk of time to not think about work. All work and no play are for robots.

Good designs, bad designs. (via Dustbury) My blog templates are so easy that an idiot could do the same thing. Of course, I don’t have all the frilly stuff floating around on this page either so who knows how messed up the code would get if I got it into my head to cram in all the latest weblog widgets.

On the Use of Elevators in Research Buildings. I go by the rule “one flight up, two flights down” for using the stairs. But since I work on the third story–I use the stairs anyway. An extra flight isn’t going to kill me. The only time I use the elevator is for carting around stuff. Or if I’m carrying around glass vials with blood. I do not want to trip on the stairs and then have to call hazmat.

A Challenge to Science Bloggers. (via Evolgen) Put up science only posts for an entire week? Sign me up! Yes, this sounds sort of crazy, especially if I end up gibbering after talking about peer-reviewed science papers for a straight seven days, but it can’t be worse than writing a novel in a month.

* * *
The Thursday Threesome: Plaid Kittens Attack!

Onesome: Plaid– Yes? No? Wouldn’t even consider it? Makes the outfit? Makes terrible wallpaper?

I’m not a plaid person although I might wear it under certain circumstances–such as being coerced into a kilt convention (and maybe not even then).

And yes, plaid does make terrible wallpaper.

Twosome: Kittens– Cutest things in the world? Creatures from another planet? Things other people have?

They’re okay. But like a lot of things, there is such thing as too much.

Threesome: Attack!– of the Killer Tomatoes! Okay, what’s your vote for the worst movie title of all time?

I couldn’t think up of any off the top of my head, so I looked up this page. Some of them aren’t that bad–I think being funny and cheesy mitigates some of the badness. And some of them, you just go ewwwwww.