by syaffolee

Book List for the Year

So, I finally remembered the sort-of resolution I made earlier this year about changing my reading habits to encompass more “award-winning books.” Basically books that lit-crazed people think are good. Whatever. So…which list should I start off with–the pretentious Pulitzers, the geek-fest that is the Hugos and Nebulas, the gruesome Bram Stoker Awards?

No. I thought I’d ease into it with shorter books geared towards kids–the Newbery (or as Yahmdallah calls them, the Dingleberry Awards). I will probably start in chronological order but skip the ones that I’ve already read as a kid (mostly the ones awarded in the 60s and 70s although there are some in other decades–none of the more recent ones, though). I’m still debating on whether or not to read these with an adult sensibility or with a kid-centric audience in mind. Maybe both.