by syaffolee

Two Links

Critical Mass. (via Juno Books) On one hand, I think this is an attempt by the book critics to save their jobs. I mean, who cares how many column inches you have on paper when you have unlimited electrons on the internet? Who cares about critics who only babble about the “literary and serious writers” when you can read someone’s opinion of virtually any book on Amazon? If the critics truly want to hang on to their turf, they should make a real effort at critically examining all books, not just the pretentious.

Crying at the Office. Um, I do not do this. I admit, there were times that I could have, but I didn’t. I never indulge in hysterics. But I don’t expect praise either. I suppose I’m a little too cynical (for a hypothetical 2Blowhards’ twenty-something) for anything to faze me.