Don't Shake the Flask

Because you don't know if it'll explode

Month: April, 2007


I will not stoop to broken English in an attempt to get my point across.

And Maybe They’re Just Stories

The creative writing angle. After learning about the shooting at Virginia Tech, I was feeling fairly pessimistic about the human race. Shocked? I suppose, to some degree, but earlier in the month there was a shooting death of one of the undergraduates at my school, too. That was fairly shocking because this town is considered pretty safe. Some people even leave their doors unlocked and don’t get things broken into.

As for the CBSnews article that Eden mentioned in the link above–my first reaction was a sort of “I can’t believe they’re using that as a reason why the shooting happened.” If a creative writing teacher can’t tell between fact and fiction–well, never mind. Many creative writing classes I have taken were a bunch of bunk. And it should be obvious that English professors are not psychology experts.

Anyways, as a student who moonlights writing weird fiction, I resent the fact that someone is trying to pigeon-hole all writers of disturbing fiction as gun-toting depressive maniacs. It’s an implication that the only acceptable writing is “happy” writing. Pfft. You might as well dose the entire populace let alone the literary critics with soma.

One Reason To Like Mondays

Am I on a roll or what? I just received word that I got another short story accepted. No screaming though. With the exception of this blog, I’m keeping mum.

Better Late Than Never

Some science carnivals:

Tangled Bank #77 over at Aetiology.

Scientiae #3 over at Lab Cat.

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Ah, notice the insane time this post went up. I’m still in lab, you know, and with fifteen minutes of down time, I’d thought to blog something to keep myself awake…


Why is it that when one person uses a word, that word starts popping up everywhere like a meme? Can’t people use a bit of creativity and use another term? (Yes, I saw the same word being used by many of the blogs I have recently visited. No, I won’t say what this word is so you won’t be able to bother me with it.)

The Thursday Threesome: Heroes and Villains

Onesome: Heroes– from the movies? Who was your hero in a movie, TV show or book when you were growing up?

Hm. I’m not sure. If I have to think more than five seconds on this one, I probably don’t have a hero (or heroine). The thing is, I don’t think of a character as being my hero, merely a hero considering the context. And sometimes not even that–just a main character, a protagonist.

Twosome: and– while we’re at it: any ‘new’ heroes in any shows or books lately?


Threesome: Villains– can be “bad guys” or just plain scary; which one scared the heck out of you as a kid? (No flashbacks, please; just go for a bad guy if you’d prefer!)

It was in an old fantasy movie–some sort of tar monster living in the dungeon wanting to make out with the damsel in distress. I don’t remember the title or who starred in it (or even what the plot was), but I thought it was pretty scary. Definitely scarier than that wussy entity that killed Tasha Yar in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

I was also pretty freaked out by the Incredible Hulk when I was three. But I guess that doesn’t really count because the Hulk is not a bad guy.

Some Fast Reading Is Like Fast Food

Readers Say The Darnest Things. First of all: Are they insane? Maybe that lady’s reading group is on crack, but 500 pages is not a fast read, no matter what anybody says. And who the hell would recommend a book because it’s a “fast read” even if you hated it? I wouldn’t recommend a bad book even if it was just 20 pages long.

Imaginary Happy Dance

Everyone in lab would probably think me crazy if I suddenly jumped up and screamed. So I guess I’ll settle for smiling enigmatically the rest of the day.

In between preparations for the next experiment, I have about thirty minutes of down time so I decided to check my e-mail. After a bunch of seminar notices and the latest proposal swap from my PI, I came across a note from an editor who has decided to accept one of my short stories for publication.

My first fiction sale. Wait. Make that: My first fiction sale!!!!!!!

And before you ask, no, I’m not going to quit my day job.

It’s Just A Game

I recently saw the documentary Word Wars about competitive Scrabble. All I can say is, crazy–just plain crazy. I can’t fathom how people can devote their entire lives to a game. But then you could argue that it’s more than just a game: it’s a mental challenge. Yeah, whatever. What kind of life is it if all you do is to hone a useless skill?

The Thursday Threesome: Bugs on the Windshield

Onesome: Bugs– Bunny? Roadrunner? The Jetsons? What was (is?) your favorite cartoon series?

Hm, it’s been a while. I don’t know if they’re my favorite, but I do remember watching Bugs Bunny et al.

Twosome: on the– Waterfront? Classic movies too: which is your all time favorite? Nope, it has to be at least ten years old! (You can cheat with a holiday favorite if you’d like…)

I don’t really have a favorite movie. Maybe I’ll just make a cop-out and say that old Star Wars trilogy.

Threesome: “Windshield– wipers slappin’/keepin’…”, now there’s a song lyric! How many songs can you name with those words in them? Go ahead, use the net. Which one is the most upbeat? We’re all about information here!

The only song I found through my brief googling was this one. I’ve never heard of this one before, but I sort of have my doubts on whether or not it is happy.