by syaffolee

A Piece of Rare Commentary on Local News

I should probably say something about the recent shootings in Moscow. On the heels of a student murder less than two months ago, everything just seems a little surreal. As if this little, rather bucolic town had been plopped straight into some sort of Hollywood horror movie. Earlier that day (a gorgeous Saturday), I had gone downtown to do some errands–and I saw a huge gaggle of children out on a field trip with their adult guardians. At the time, I certainly didn’t think that that evening, someone would start raining bullets at that very spot.

Another student mused if this would scare parents–that they would start pulling their kids from attending the coming year. I don’t know. I wouldn’t fault a non-resident from thinking that perhaps this place is a hotbed for homicidal maniacs. Violence scares people. But is it really different from any other place? Bad things happen everywhere.