by syaffolee

Bibliophobes and Pigeon-Holers

Mo. man burns books as act of protest. (via Jessica Burkhart) Dang it, the book geek in me wants to cry. But the thing is, I mostly agree with the last quote. It’s really sad when general obliviousness to literary poverty forces someone to use shock tactics to shove people out of complacency.

Why it was right not to buy pink shoes for my son. Hm. A dilemma. Should a mother not buy her child certain things because other children might make fun of him? Children can be cruel, but is it also right to encase your child in a protective bubble so he can never be hurt? I guess in these modern times, parents are as conservative and gender traditionalist as ever. (Somewhat off topic: I’d mentally snicker if a woman was wearing pink, let alone a man. Let’s just say I don’t particularly fancy that color.)