by syaffolee

The Thursday Threesome: Pimentos in Olives

Onesome: Pimentos– in Olives? Useless decorative effect? …or something you maybe enjoy? …and is there something you can only stare at and wonder about at the snack bar?

I had to look up “pimentos”. But in the end, I have no opinion on this. I don’t like olives.

Twosome: in Olives though? Who thought of that one? No, that’s not your question; rather, what combo of things do you put together in the food arena that’s been know to strike others as a bit strange?

Can’t think of anything, really. No one has told me that what I’ve been eating is strange. (This either means that my diet is conventional and boring or no one ever notices the composition of my food.)

Threesome: Olives– on fingertips (preferably black olives!). What food do you “play” with when you’re feeling a bit silly?

I’m not the type of person who plays with food.