by syaffolee

Linkage Because I’m Really Tired

The Weird Things People Eat Around the World. Plenty of interesting and sometimes somewhat gross things. But the thing that really got me were the dead fish in the tank labeled “live trout”.

A Better Response to Rejection. (via Mind Hacks) I’m sort of skeptical about getting rid of bullies. You know the saying, kids are cruel.

The Bane of My Existence. Ah, those stereotypical losers. Yes, even the yuppie ones.

Goth’s Wan Stamina. There’s a distinction between Goth culture and fashion. However, I think most people wearing black are probably just doing it for the look.

Photographs of people juxtaposed with their gaming avatars. Perhaps the avatar does say something about the player. But frankly, some people just have too much time on their hands.

Narcissistic Blog Disorder and Other Conditions of Online Kookery. Heh.

Lovecraftian Horrors in Specimen Jars. (via Pharyngula) Nifty. Pondering how cool it would be to have an entire room filled with the stuff.

Are Book Clubs Ruining the Reading Experience? The non-conformist in me hates the idea of reading only what everyone else is reading.

On Your Feet. There are occasions where shoe fashion does matter (formal occasions for instance), but on a day-to-day basis, comfort triumphs. Besides, no one that I know cares about what I wear.