Don't Shake the Flask

Because you don't know if it'll explode

On the Other Hand

The previous post reminds me of someone I knew who used the word “smaller” instead of “shorter” to someone else and got royally chewed out for it. It’s really a shame that we can’t know other people’s irrational pet peeves until we accidentally stumble upon them.

Still Sort of Irked

Sometimes I read something that gets me really mad. The kind of mad that might make me say things I would regret later. But I’ve always managed to hold back, to not post/comment on anything. Because worse than causing a flame war or being accused of as a troll, it’s going to stay on the internet forever even if it’s deleted later. And someone important in my personal or professional life is going to see it if they’re feeling particularly nosy and have access to a search engine (with caching abilities).