by syaffolee

For Aesthetic Purposes Only

“Fake” Books: Foul or fair? I actually don’t really mind if some people only purchase books for show because I view other people’s bookshelves like I view shelves filled with antique baubles–it’s their collection and I won’t talk about it unless they bring up the subject first. However, I will say that I would have more respect for a person if they’ve read at least some of the books in their personal library.

Then again, why don’t people build personal libraries the other way around? I’ve pretty much left my bookshelves to be filled into a scary heap* before I got another bookshelf, um, yesterday.

*There’s just something about scary heaps of books that speaks more to the bibliophile in me rather than the perfectly polished shelves of some frou-frou upper-middle class book connoisseur. Well, as long as it’s not a fire hazard.