by syaffolee

Pimpin’ Out The Doggies

Pets for Rent? I’m one of those people with no time. I couldn’t take care of a goldfish let alone a dog or cat full time without going nuts. But even if I’m a prime candidate for this pet renting service, I wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. For me, this is less about the animal’s welfare and more about personal responsibility. If you’re going to take care of the pet–take care of the pet. Don’t dangle it about like a piece of flashy but borrowed jewelry. If you really want to try out owning a pet before actually getting one, try pet sitting first. Besides, pet renting just smacks of dabbling. And I have very little patience with unserious dabblers of any sort.

Addendum: Maybe someone might start the argument that blogging is dabbling. Well, I’m not dabbling at blogging. I haven’t quit yet, have I?