by syaffolee

Yet Still In Lab, Hope Brain Still Functional

When you’re reading the biochem lab manual for the class you’ll be TAing in the upcoming week and find yourself giggling over pipette fillers–you know your neurons are dangerously sleep deprived.

* * *
Should Amazon Sell Dogfighting Materials? Now here is something to ponder: do booksellers have the right to determine what is available, whether or not the material is morally questionable or even reprehensible? I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I find it distasteful for people to condone something that will hurt another. On the other, I can see this leading down the slippery slope. What would stop them from restricting access to books simply because the person or organization in charge of distributing books disagrees with subject matter or the author for a morally irrelevant reason?

* * *
I did manage to briefly stumble outside into the light for lunch. And I saw hordes of sorority girls in formal dresses and nosebleed heels. If you must have an illustration for conformity in the dictionary, this is it.

Or they could be Stepford wives currently being programmed. Geez, it almost gives one the hives.