by syaffolee

Tomorrow, Four Hours of Driving

I hesitate to rant about anything. Most people find ranting annoying. And perhaps ranting might tick somebody you know off and then things might get fairly uncomfortable in you personal and/or professional life. And if you’re female, it’s a double black mark against you because people might start thinking that you’re an addlepated and hormonal twit.

Anyways, I am annoyed. Really annoyed. Whoever came up with the asinine idea to deliver packages to residential addresses only from Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM, should be shot with fifty water guns and shipped to Timbuktu in a refrigerated tanker. With no extra change of dry pants. And make that a freakin’ double for whoever it was who made the nearest pick-up center in Spokane, Washington*.

I’m probably going to waste more gas money getting there than the amount used to send the package in the first place. And if the package isn’t there when I do get there…well, never mind. The people at the call center have already shown their incompetence earlier this week, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I get to Spokane for nothing.

*The delivery service which sounds like an internet speed requires my signature and my identification. That’s why they can’t simply drop the package off at my door. Why they can’t have later hours or even a pick-up center in Pullman like UPS is anyone’s guess.