by syaffolee

Two Photographic Links

A Compendium of Beautiful Libraries. (via Languagehat) Okay, so that link might not be working right now due to capacity overload, but I do hope you’ll be able to see it eventually–especially if you have a bit of bibliomania. Lots of pictures of beautiful libraries in Europe and North America. (And unfortunately, I haven’t been to any of them.)

Bake Me A Geeky Cake. (via Pharyngula) I am unfazed by the gaming cakes. Probably because I associate gaming with playing and having someone make a gaming cake is a lot like a kid asking for a Barbie cake or a Sesame Street cake or a SpongeBob Squarepants cake. However, I am impressed with the FACS plot cake. Even though its design is so simple that even an idiot could make it, not everyone can understand it. (Also, don’t miss some of the cool cakes linked in that post’s comments.)