by syaffolee


Map of Humanity. I’d like to think I’d be on the continent of Reason. Preferably somewhere near Answers. Or maybe on the continent of Wisdom, about the Land of Oz. (Wait a minute…Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory is actually on the map? Awesome!) Of course, the bad part of humanity is equally as fascinating.

Landmark Colors: Portmeirion, Wales. Wow. I did not know that the village from “The Prisoner” is actually real. I had always assumed it was some wacky stage set, but apparently not.

Academics: Still Totally Lame. When it comes to hobbies, people will only admit to the “hip” or “geeky” ones. No one’s going to admit to a guilty pleasure that their peers and society will view as unacceptably deviant. You know, people have to consider their jobs and their reputations first. So why ask in the first place? I think the questioners are secretly hoping that somebody will crack and give them a Big Sordid Story which will win tons of readers.