by syaffolee

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Tangled Bank #90 is now up at The Other 95%. Go read some science from medicine to paleobiology to…creating artificial life. Bwahahaha!

The Weirdest Insects in the World. Example: The female African bat bug has a “spongy reservoir of immune cells” which combat sperm cells that the males directly inject into the blood stream. Some male African bat bugs have this as well since the males seem fairly indiscriminate.

Unusual Life. Wacky, wacky architecture. And other related stuff.

Morbid Anatomy. Fascinating, both at medical and aesthetic levels. However, I can’t help feeling that the title is a bit redundant. Aren’t cut up bodies and skeletons intrinsically morbid?

Outrage of the Week: Warner Won’t Do Films with Women Leads. So. Hollywood thinks that only white guys can be heroes. I don’t know how the heck they would think this would make sense, even on a financial point of view. (Actually, I think it would be interesting to compare the box office earnings of movies with male leads and female leads. What sort of bias does the viewing public have?)

The Top 20 Most Bizarre Experiments of All Time. Mmm. Elephants on acid.