by syaffolee

Where To Draw The Line

Pencil Guy logo is sexist and racist. I decided not to post this on my writing blog because it really isn’t about writing. My question is, when it comes to political correctness, where can we draw the line? Should we be offended by everything? I never really gave much thought to the logo, but I can see how someone would be offended by it.

Sometimes, it’s really difficult to tell when white patriarchal attitudes have subtly influenced something or if something’s been done simply because it is easier and more elegant than the alternative. Exactly what is a default logo anyway? Why is the Trix rabbit white? Why is Aunt Jemima black? Why does an insurance company use a gecko and not some other reptile? Why do we read black text on white background? On a practical standpoint, there would be no way to implement a design that would please everyone. Even if the logo was a typewriter, that would piss off people who use pencils, computers, and finger paint.

Maybe the solution is to hold diverse focus groups before deciding on anything. But somehow, I don’t think a committee is an answer to everything.