by syaffolee

Crazy, Crazy Writing

Nanowrimo starts tomorrow, a little less than twelve hours from now. My plans: pretend I’m not home so the trick-or-treaters will avoid my door and get some sleep. Then wake up early tomorrow and start typing like mad.

Also, for those of you reading who are also participating in Nano and have a Nano-related site, you can get your site linked by me! My Nano links page is here. Just e-mail me or comment on this post and I’ll put you up. And for those of you not participating in the writing madness, but still want to put your two cents in, there’s also an opportunity to sponsor me. Just click on the sponsorship link near the top of this page (right under the navigation menu) and everything should be rather self explanatory.

Arg. It’s not quite November yet, but I think I need to throw out part of my outline…