by syaffolee

Nano Finished!

“I’m going to soak you in a nice vintage liqueur and slowly burn each page with one of those branding irons master chefs use to caramelize crème brûlée.”

That bit of dialogue is from my villain. Who has a fetish for destroying books. Vellum and Green Vitriol is fantasy adventure, taking place in a 1920’s England-esque landscape where grimoires are the main characters and most humans are clueless. Comparisons to badly written books are insults, paper cuts are deadly, and ink blots are far from ordinary. Or, as I tell people who inquire what it’s about even though they’re completely uninterested, it’s about a magic book searching for her brother.

It’s 67,251 words. You can read it here.

Otherwise, it’s back to regular non-writing related posts.