by syaffolee

High Speed Truck Chases in the Snow

The premise seems almost absurd: a post-apocalyptic trans-Siberian trucker romance? It sounds like something a desperate marketing director for NASCAR, a bit too tipsy on eggnog, might come up with after accidentally stumbling onto a romance convention (oh, wait…). But as weird as this may sound, it actually kind of works in Eve Kenin‘s Driven.

Raina Bowen is in a race against time to get her rig of grain to Gladow Station as the resulting reward would be enough to pay for her sister’s safety. Unfortunately, the only highway across Siberia is controlled by the Janson–a shady corporation with its fingers in everywhere and headed by a sadist with a hefty grudge against Raina. Driven opens at a grimy trucker stop where Raina is waiting for a man named Wizard who supposedly has passes to enable her to get on the highway. And when he does show up, she ends up rescuing him from a trucker fight.

Nothing is as it seems. Exactly who is Wizard and what are his motives? Is the contest to Gladow Station really about delivering supplies to a northern outpost or something more sinister? Raina is a tough, self-sufficient character often conflicted about the relationship she had with her murdered father and how that spills onto her interactions with others. Wizard is more enigmatic–sometimes even stereotypically so–but in some ways, he has more to struggle with due to his past sacrifices and his attempts at being more human.

It was interesting seeing Raina and Wizard learning to trust each other, but I think I had more fun reading the sci-fi and action adventure aspects of this novel. How can you go wrong with crazy truckers and big explosions?