by syaffolee


That’s the annoying thing about holidays. It’s easy to let things slide when you’re on vacation and then the new year starts. It’s also why I never make any resolutions–I feel too lazy to actually start any. Much more sensible to sort of ease into things rather than jump into it with a shocking bang.

Snow is nice, but it also compounds my sense of inertia. Once I’m in some place (home, lab, the grocery story, the library, etc.), I don’t particularly want to go out. Driving sucks–and with gas prices these days, who wants to take to the wheel anyway?–but then walking also sucks. Because all the snow plow people have been really industrious, there’s nothing to help gain traction. I’ve been skidding on ice, flapping my arms and genuflecting like zombie Elvis on speed.

* * *
I’m not on the internet much during the holidays either, so I don’t find out about some things until, well, later. My short story The Station Wagon is now up on the holiday edition of Written Word.