by syaffolee

A Class, Canceled

Hm. Well. The weather’s bad and some students had their classes canceled but not the way I had my class canceled. The prof didn’t show up even though we knew he/she was on campus. Somewhere. (The class I’m taking is of an interdisciplinary nature and it’s team taught by professors from many different science departments. That is, a different prof gives lectures every week.) So after eighteen minutes after what was supposed to be the start of class (applying the fifteen minute rule plus three minutes “grace period”), all the students left. I also wanted to add that before we left, one of the students volunteered to hunt down the prof at his/her lab and office in case he/she had somehow “lost track of time”. The student didn’t find the prof so…

One of the other students jokingly said that we might all be given Fs because we weren’t in class. Grades are based partially on attendance so I suppose part of me isn’t taking this lightly. But really, how fair is it to fail everyone if even the prof doesn’t bother to attend class?