by syaffolee

Semi-Random Grumblings

*Some people have freakin’ annoying laughs. The kind of laugh that when you hear it, you know exactly who it is. I sure hope my laugh isn’t that distinctive. At least I don’t laugh very often.

*Tall people really do have an advantage in the snow. They can move their legs at the same rate that I do and still go faster because they have a larger stride. If I even attempt to keep up, I’d probably trip on a clump of snow or fall on ice. Mostly, this means that tall people don’t have to be in the cold weather as long. Bah.

*Dig the New Breed. It’s not completely obsolete–I TA’d a class that had a TLC component. But I think it would be absolutely cool if someone a class on historical lab techniques. Yeah, it wouldn’t be that too practical, but it would be interesting.