by syaffolee

Brief Comments

I usually don’t comment on the news, but I’ve been reading about the shooting at Northern Illinois University and I’ve been thinking about a recent state bill to prevent universities from banning concealed weapons. I’m annoyed that people think that more guns will solve problems. It sounds like people are just making laws to make themselves feel safer even though it might not actually be safer. If someone is determined to carry a weapon on their person, they’re going to do it regardless of the rules. But are people thinking about heroics–that they’ll shoot the shooter and save the day? Theoretical heroics and bravery are nothing. If you own a gun, do you even know how to use it? How do you know that in a real situation–under the danger and stress of ground zero and not the controlled environment of a shooting range–that you won’t just panic and start pumping bullets randomly? And for crying out loud, think of all the other bystanders. Getting caught in crossfire is a heck of a lot scarier than having bullets come at you in just one direction.