by syaffolee


Booking Through Thursday: Heroine

Who is your favorite female lead character? And why?

Harry from Robin McKinley’s The Blue Sword. This isn’t really a surprise because whenever there’s a question about a “favorite book”, this is my first answer. I like Harry because she’s simply cool–she gets to wield the sword without the sexist chainmail bikini and save the day.

* * *
The Thursday Threesome: -A–B–C-

Onesome: A–ny place but here? Are travel plans looming for Spring break? …or are you staying home?

I don’t know–I’m still thinking about it. That is, I might go somewhere, but not for very long since I have a lot of school and lab work to do.

Twosome: B–etter to look in the mirror before you leave? Have you ever discovered (say around mid-day) that your clothes really didn’t match up?

Clothes? Match? I don’t really know or care about fashion so I guess it doesn’t matter if my clothes match or not.

Threesome: C–atch any good movies lately? What should we go see now that the Oscar’s are done and over for another year?

I have not watched any movies recently. I know, I’m boring. But I have been watching episodes of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. I am hugely amused with snarky food commentary.