by syaffolee

Something To Watch For

My head is usually buried in the sand when it comes to movies. I haven’t been in a movie theater since–well, quite a while. During winter break, my sister was trying to drag me to a showing of Sweeney Todd, but I resisted. I did manage to watch Stardust on DVD, though. It was entertaining fantasy-lite, but it didn’t really whet my appetite for other films.

Right before it came out, another grad student was telling me how psyched she was about The Golden Compass. His Dark Materials is totally on my personal list for great fantasy, but glimpses of the movie trailer did nothing for me. I think it was the casting of Nicole Kidman that turned me off–adding Kidman to almost any movie is like injecting Botox into someone who mistakenly wandered into a clinic on his way to the Smithsonian. (So it’s no surprise that I’ve still not seen it.)

Anyways, most trailers usually leave me feeling unsatisfied. But I recently saw one for The Fall. All I can say is: Wow. I want to see that. Now. And it has Charles Darwin! How can you go wrong with Charles Darwin?