by syaffolee

Small Tweaks

Only of interest to myself, I was fiddling with typefaces as a design element and ended up changing the entrance page which used to have a painting of a valkyrie against a purple background to plain black and white with an abstract balloon thingie. My Nanowrimo-related site got a face-lift because I’m currently enamored with Telegrafico. I also put up a page for Script Frenzy 2008–in case I do end up writing anything for it.

And I finally found out the name of an annoying font: Scriptina. I see this thing everywhere and I hate it. Probably as much as Comic Sans. Scriptina screams ultra feminine chic that overshoots its goal for runway and lands into a warehouse filled with expired Valentine candy. It almost makes one want to take multiple shots of indecipherable grunge fonts to wipe it from the brain.