by syaffolee

Many Things

Tangled Bank #102 is up at Further Thoughts. Plenty of interesting stuff–from sleep to lizards and to…slackers?

* * *
Last night, I went to a talk at the Borah Symposium – specifically, that of Nobel laureate and former President of South Africa, F.W. de Klerk. Even after the rhetoric about forgiveness and breaking the cycle of bitterness and retaliation, Klerk briefly mentioned something that I thought most true of all (although this may just indicate my cynicism): that if people were to be honest with themselves, they really don’t forgive and forget. Forgetting would only be accomplished by selective amnesia. You can view the speech here (RealPlayer required).

* * *
You know, I don’t really like trying to find flights. The problem is, the flights going out of here are not so convenient for most destinations. I mean, you can’t avoid transfers. If only there were more travelers around these parts than homebodies.

* * *
Dang it, still have not started Script Frenzy. Too busy with other stuff. Maybe I’ll try starting the script tonight.