by syaffolee

More Nerd Than Girl, Probably

Stuff Girls Like. (again via 2Blowhards) I don’t know. It’s not as funny as Stuff Asian People Like for some reason. Maybe it’s because I recognize some Asian habits/stereotypes in myself so that I’m able to laugh about it. Whereas girly stereotypes–well, I’m not so girly. Or at least I don’t think so. Take for instance, the assertion that girls find Barry White sexy. Blech. His music makes me want to dress up as an angry clown (complete with curly neon green wig) and throw frozen pumpkins in the nearest body of water. Or another example: going as groups into restrooms. Unless it’s a pit stop in the middle of a trip/concert intermission/some long event, heck no! I’m not going into restroom with a bunch of people for some random reason. Frankly, I find it creepy when someone picks the stall next to mine instead of one of the others in a very large yet empty restroom. As for people talking in bathrooms–arg, please let me bash my head in at the door corner.

Book clubs? There’s no way I’m letting a bunch of self-appointed literati (female or no) give me any “suggestions” for my leisure reading.