by syaffolee

Some Guys Buy into the Beauty Myth, Too

Beauty myths. For some reason, this reminds me of all those painful memories of growing up. Sometime in sixth grade, I had asked my mom about shaving and she told me something to the effect that I didn’t need it or I was too young. I suppose she probably hoped that I would forget about it after that discussion because I wasn’t a girly girl in the first place–I paid little attention to makeup and the like as it was. But it is not a pleasant thing when boys make fun of your legs whenever you’re wearing shorts. I don’t have to tell you how f’ing annoying it is to have “You didn’t shave!!!!” shrilly yapped at you.

Aside: Sixth and seventh grade were particularly hellish for a variety of reasons. I also find it interesting that every guy who had ever bullied me during those years ended up playing football in high school. Fortunately in high school, I was taking the advanced classes where the other nerds left me alone and football players were absent.

Anyways, you know those dreams people have about going out in public in their underwear? I don’t have those. Instead, I have occasional nightmares about wearing shorts in public and then belatedly realizing that I have sasquatch legs.