by syaffolee

Feminism and Two Trainwrecks on the Interwebs

The Internets work how they’re supposed to. This is a write-up on some movement called “The Open Source Boob Project” at some SF con. Man, that’s wrong. If there’s anything to perpetuate the stereotype that sci-fi geeks are socially inept men not getting any and still living in their parents’ basement, that is it. Somewhat unrelated: This reminds me of this internet money raising thing I’ve come across before on some blogs–where people put up pictures of their (covered) breasts to raise money for something, a charity I think. And then there’s this whole breast cancer awareness thing. Yes, worthy causes, but when random men start championing these kinds of things, I can’t help but feel a little skeeved about it all. Do men only sit up and notice if there are breasts involved?

Feminist bloggers and racism. Interesting schism. That’s the problem with devoting oneself to a particular cause/movement/whathaveyou. People get tunnel vision. It’s not just A vs B. There’s also X vs Y vs Z and a kazillion other things. Anyways, I just look at this as evidence of why I’m a little uncomfortable about the major feminist movements–because maybe they espouse white feminism rather than feminism in general.