by syaffolee

And I Thought I Was Living Under A Rock

Mass market genre surprise. I’m stuck mostly in lab and yet even I know that the vampire romance glut has been around for quite a while. I’m thinking since 2003 for some reason. At least that’s when I started noticing that the used book stores had stockpiled enough Christine Feehan novels to rebuild the Berlin Wall.

As for PZ wondering if Sturgeon’s Law applies to this genre, I have no idea. I mean, theoretically, I should. I’ve read enough to say with some certainty. But the vampire books that I’ve read partially or managed to read all the way through and dislike had one thing in common–they were all trying to be serious. Maybe this is the problem–with me as the reader anyway. Vampires and seriousness simply don’t mix in my head. They’re like emo teenagers who are just plain annoying. Perhaps that’s why I’d rather read funny and comedic vampire stories.

Besides, by not examining the shelves at the conventional bookstores, he’s totally missing the next new wave to sweep the book section at his local Wal-Mart. It’s dragon-shifters and magic tattoos. And sexy demons! Now wouldn’t that be a sight next to all those bibles.