by syaffolee

Two Links

(a.k.a. My Target Audience Is Apparently Googlers Who’ve Clicked the Wrong Result)

Publishers Weekly Reviewers Now To Be Paid Even Less. Hm. I’m just thinking about how much I’ve been paid for my short stories and the somewhat leech-like approach of publishing academic papers and still, those reviewers are making more than me, word for word. But whatever the kind of writing, writing is a sucky money maker. Unless you’re already famous, you definitely don’t do it for the money.

(An additional “hm”: I write reviews. On this site. So that means I’ve been writing them for free. Mostly as an outlet because real life doesn’t give me much opportunity to talk about my choice of books in any sort of meaningful manner. Not that anyone online reads my reviews anyway.)

NaComLeavMo. (via BlogHer) In theory, this sounds like a cool activity–who wouldn’t like to get comments? But in practice, this is very hard. Not the actual typing of the comment, but the motivation. Some blogs leave me feeling intimidated–due to a mix of subject matter I know little about and a cadre of regular, rabid commenters. Take, for example, the list of participants for this thing. I have almost nothing in common with infertility and mommy bloggers (or even the “minority” of political, knitting, or cooking bloggers). And I have no doubt that they’d find my little online exercise pointless.*

*Rant redacted. I’m really disgruntled that this is just a one month thing. Sure, there will be a flurry of posts, but after the month is over there will be NOTHING. And stupid, contentless comments like “I LUV THIS POST!!!11!!!” don’t count.