by syaffolee

Toe Cleavage In Lab Is A No-No

The Cleavage Controversy. Personally, I don’t really give a damn what other people wear or don’t wear. Shirtless frat boys frolicking in the soccer fields? Red-lipped bank tellers flashing their perky chests as they count out twenties? Stilettos on ice? Dingy looking baseball caps on backwards? Whatever. Except in lab–then, it’s a safety issue rather than anything fashion, gender, or social-related. But this is just me. Other people, however, have hang-ups. It’s disingenuous to say to people that your fashion choices are a form of your expression and that if they have a problem with it or for some reason misinterpret nonexistent signals, then tough cookies for them. Like birds and plumage, clothes are signals to most people. Being professional, particularly in a business setting, is all about appearance. Ask the average person and they will have preconceptions about young men in baggy pants and bling, people dressed in black, and the old lady in her Sunday best. Until society as a whole manages to quash its fixation on the body and concentrate more on the mind (which I doubt will happen any time soon), fashion choices will have their consequences.