by syaffolee

Summer Reading

I don’t know what it is about the beginning of summer, but I always feel optimistic that I’m going to get some reading done before the fall starts creeping up. Here are some vague descriptions of books I’m going to attempt before the end of summer. Can you guess what they are?* (Hint: They are not listed on the bookrolling page.)

-a writing how-to book written by a successful agent
-non-fiction on the neuroscience of reading framed by a literary metaphor
-the winner of the World Fantasy Award, published in 1974
-a 162 page book by the author of the Paradys tetrology
-non-fiction NYT bestseller on corpses
-the English translation of a German ursine text
-also known as “the mannerpunk classic”
-a paranormal romance with an oxymoronic title
-a historical fantasy on food
-non-fiction about Charles Babbage with a cover quote referring to Dava Sobel
-urban cultural history by the author of a delightful little book about the screwdriver

So what are you reading? (Or are you going to put all your books in storage and go to the beach instead?)

*Answers posted next week!