by syaffolee

Currently Listening To

I don’t know about other soundtrack fans, but I listen to soundtracks whether or not I’ve seen the films. My favorites include John Corigliano’s The Red Violin and pretty much anything by George Fenton. Anyone else have a favorite soundtrack? Or do most people ignore them?

Recently on my playlist:
Atonement – I like the use of the typewriter as an instrument.
Enchanted – Lots of references/motifs from previous Disney films. I’m guessing it will make more sense with the movie.
I Capture the Castle – Also scored by the same guy (Dario Marianelli) who did Atonement. Mostly playful and light-hearted, sometimes melancholy. Probably the only one I would recommend out of this list.
Immortal Beloved – The usual popular Beethoven fare. It would be cheaper to get one of those best of CDs in the classical section.
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – Er, John Williams at his mediocre best?
Nim’s Island – I only know Patrick Doyle from his scores of Shakespearean films, other costume dramas, and Eragon. This is sort of interesting, but it gets bogged down in the latter half.
The Golden Compass – Mostly disappointed. Alexandre Desplat did better work in The Queen.
The Spiderwick Chronicles – The only track I liked was the Closing Credits.
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian – It sounded more like the sequel to Kingdom of Heaven than the first Narnia movie.