by syaffolee

Man, I Feel Like an Outlier

Dustbury recently mused about some articles on women bloggers which I found interesting but anecdotal. I’ve never really contemplated if the blogging styles are different between males and females because I’m an out-of-the-loop blogger who mostly lurks on other people’s blogs and could care less about the number of people visiting my own. But, some brief (possibly unrelated) thoughts on the commentary:

-Maybe other women are outspoken with their empathy, but I’m not. I view it on the same level as sidewalk preaching. All show but completely empty.

-I like one-liners. It succinctly gets the message across. Blabbering on and on and on convinces me (others may think differently) that you have no substance.

-It’s hooey and hubris if you think women are sharing wisdom on the blogosphere. Very few bloggers, if any, are sharing any wisdom. If it looks like wisdom, it’s probably a turd disguised with blowhard smugness. The blogosphere does have some information, but it’s mostly opinion and daily mental debris.

-On fearlessness: it depends on what you mean by that. Some people are fearless about spouting off their opinions–like heated controversies on political blogs, for instance. I personally do not find this fearless. It’s just your opinion, after all. What’s truly fearless is sharing stuff about your personal life. You turn into an exhibitionist with no privacy.

-Call me cynical, but I am skeptical when people say that they blog because they want to make people happy. It sounds like a stock Miss America answer for something that can’t be quite articulated.

-I have no idea if women bloggers really do respond faster to comments than male bloggers, because I certainly don’t. Heck, I usually answer e-mails only when they can’t be put off any longer. I don’t have time to sit around waiting for comments.

-I take all bloggers with the same amount of seriousness. Which includes liberal amounts of eye-rolling.