by syaffolee

Memes, Again

Booking Through Thursday: Libraries

What is your earliest memory of a library? Who took you? Do you have you any funny/odd memories of the library?

I remember my mom taking me to the public library in Brockville, Ontario. I was probably around four or five years old. The place was a little intimidating–especially the grown-up books. And the children’s section was in the basement.

As a library patron, I don’t have any unusual memories about being in the library. Once I’m there, I tend to avoid places where other patrons are browsing unless there’s a book or article I really need. Studying in the library is another matter. No matter how isolated the spot that I choose, there will always be people trafficking around (and talking!) to disturb my concentration.

* * *
The Thursday Threesome: “You find out who your Friends are…”

Onesome: You find out– all sorts of interesting stuff here on the net. How’s about serving up a factoid or site link you’ve found lately that you are pretty sure no one but you found interesting…

The last thing I found that wasn’t on somebody’s blog was the latest episode of No Reservations on YouTube. That’s pretty much the only show I’ve been watching. Mmm. Food Pr0n. With prawns.

Twosome: who your– information sources are can be interesting: who/what are you looking to for information this political season?

I guess everything and anything. I wouldn’t trust just one source for info of any sort.

Threesome: Friends are– the people who bail you out when you need it? …or maybe they’re the ones waiting in line after you to use the phone looking for bail saying, “Man, that was fun!”? Just wonderin’…

Are people really friends if they get you in trouble all the time?